The Baseline crew

It takes more than just a good idea to change the world.Great people with lots of talent and grit has joined forces to create Baseline Driver Training.

Meet the team and our fantastic ambassadors!

Tommy Schröter - Founder and CEO

Tommy Schröter is the mind behind Baseline Driver Training and the engine that drives it. He is a world-renowned elite coach and former racing driver himself, and his main focus is always to bring awareness to the athletes that he’s coaching.

After working with his drivers in a simulator for a long time, Tommy realised that something was missing from his toolbox and he set out to develop the missing piece he needed for training himself. 

Baseline Driver Training is the manifestation of years of Tommy’s hard work and his thorough knowledge of both the mentality of a racing driver and the motorsport industry.

By applying everything he knows and pouring all of his strategies into one program Tommy Schröter has created something unique that will help racing drivers around the world with reaching their full potential.

Team Members

Our Ambassadors

We have teamed up with great drivers to make sure Baseline Driver Training makes a difference in driver training.

Frederik Schandorff
Professional GT3 Driver & Driver Coach
Malthe Jakobsen
European Le Mans Series LMP2
Sebastian Gravlund
Mikkel Gade
Sim- and Real Life Racer
Nicolai Kjærgaard
Fanatec GT World Challenge
Raphael Rennhofer
ACAC GT4 Germany
FYRA SimSport
Porsche Esports Super Cup