The Baseline Vision

You control your car with your accelerator and your brakes, not with your steering wheel. The steering wheel decides whether your car goes to the left or to the right, but it is your pedals that control your car’s weight distribution and create more or less grip.

With Baseline Driver Training you are given the opportunity to change your own setup instead of your car’s setup. You will have the opportunity to constantly improve your skill set and your own abilities and the way you handle the car. This setup will accompany you for the rest of your life, no matter what car you drive, whereas if you only change the car’s setup, it will only work here and now, because the conditions change all the time.

Baseline Driver Training presents a new perspective on training racing drivers. We take our starting point in both the physiological and the psychological and incorporate it into a program that provides you with better options so that you can become the best version of yourself as a racing driver. We eliminate everything technical like car development, setup and tires and move it all onto you.

When you have used Baseline Driver Training continuously and challenged yourself, you will have a solid foundation that will have you prepared for the next time you have to learn something new.

Through science we know that the more skillful and smart people are, the more they are able to learn. Baseline Driver Training is a unique opportunity for you to create a solid foundation of basic skills, so you know a lot and are capable of a lot and learning new things will be easier. 

Learning new skills will become second nature to you when you have used Baseline Driver Training continuously and challenged yourself in many different ways. So if you want to become a skillful and smart racing driver, you start with your baseline and create a much better starting point for yourself. Then you will already be skillful and smart when you are going to move to the next level and learning new things will become second nature to you.