How to get the most out of Baseline Driver Training

Take a short break and watch the introduction to Baseline Driver Training:

Download Data Import Example File here

The CSV file should contain data that is semi colon seperated: This is the standard for Excel. Decimal numbers should be of format number,decimal, e.g. 2,3 OR number.decimal, e.g. 2.1

This is how Excel formats automatically, depending on your language settings. Baseline Driver Training accepts both formats.

The Data points:
Each datapoint (each row) consists of:

Brake Pressure
GPS Latitude
GPS Longitude
GPS Altitude

To import data from arbitrary data source, follow this procedure:

Create a new tab, and switch to it
Use data/import csv to import your csv file. Make sure numbers are infact imported as numbers and not text.

Make sure number formats are standard numbers, not dates, percentage, or scientific numbering.
Decimal numbers should be e.g. 3,4 or 3.4

Delete all unneeded columns
Duplicate the “Import Data” tab.

Copy and paste Time, Speed, Brake pressure and Throttle columns to the copy of Import Data tab you just made.
If you like, also copy the GPS columns.

Ensure the graph looks reasonable.

Save Excel sheet

Save tab as csv. (To export: Switch to the tab containing the data (remember the labels), and Save As, pick csv as fileformat, pick a filename, and save. This only saves the content of that one tab. )
The resulting csv should be loadable by Baseline Driver Training.

We generally assume, that an interesting dataset represents a brakezone: Meaning, it starts with throttle at 100% and Brake at 0. We add one second of throttle = 100% and Brake = 0 before the set when playing back.

This is not required. You can add a full runthrough if you like, with several brakezones.