Want to go fast? Brake.

You may think that you control your car with your steering wheel, but this is not the truth. How you operate your steering wheel only determines if your car goes left or right, but the real control you achieve with your throttle and your brake.

Your management of the pedals determines the weight distribution of the car and you can make it shift to grip more on the front wheels as you steer into a turn and you can continuously create the right amount of grip as you go through a turn, right until the exit. This is real car control and you have to be aware of so much more than the braking point.

For example you have to make sure that you peak your braking pressure fast by pressing down on the brake hard, as soon as you release the throttle. You also have to make sure that you carry enough speed into the turn as this is how you get a good exit and a proper line up to the next turn on the track.

You get a more fluent lap if you always keep in mind your next move and the best way to do this is to have total control of how you operate your brake.

With Baseline Driver Training, this is exactly what you can practice every day. It will be part of your muscle memory which will make braking more natural and make room for other cognitive abilities in your brain while racing.

Want to go faster? Try Baseline Driver Training.